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QUINN Apparel Quinns shop Limited Edition Collection FW16
“Pulse” explores our connection with nature and how our existence can be broken down into simple mathematics.

The collection examines the Golden Ratio through mixing stitches and patterns to resemble nature’s natural geometry. The Golden Ratio is based on Fibonacci numbers where every number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers. This pattern, often depicted as a spiral, occurs in flowers, weather patterns, shells and within our bodies. The cross section of the shell inspired a crochet piece that mixes a dimensional chainette yarn with structured cashmere.

Architectural jacquard patterns are mixed with luxe cashmere boucle to create a dimensional surface texture. The yarn mixing is also seen in stitched intarsia designs and laser cut fur.

The designs are limited to 89 pieces with each garment being sequentially numbered on the label. The number 89 is the eleventh integer in the Fibonacci sequence.

“All beauty is mathematics”
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