Baby Scuba

"The handle is smooth with a cool touch, which makes it ideal for layering and for every season."

When people say “scuba fabric”, many think of the fabric wetsuits are traditionally made from, but scuba is more malleable and thinner. It is a double knit fabric made from polychloroprene, which is a powder, and other ingredients that provide cell size, adhesion, foaming agents, bulk, color and other properties. The handle is smooth with a cool touch which makes it ideal for layering and for every season. It is put into a heat press after it is made into a doughy mixture, and the heat and pressure form a sheet. A foam block is the final product. These sheets end up as various types of clothing.

How to care for Baby Scuba...

Remember to hang up your scuba fabric piece directly after wear. If it gets folded, it’s a challenge to get the stubborn creases out of the fabric. Hang your piece indoors out of direct sunlight. Only allow the product to be exposed to the sun when being worn and store it away in your wardrobe.

In order to care for scuba fabric, a mild detergent should be used. Hand-wash your item just as you would delicate clothing. Wash gently, squeeze out the dirty water, and allow it to soak a little while longer. If the fabric is especially dirty, you may want to soak it overnight. Never tumble dry your neoprene or expose it to heat. Extreme heat will actually melt the fabric. To avoid this, allow your neoprene clothes to dry flat on a towel or hang them by their ribbon tags on coat hangers. This will ensure that folds do not occur while they dry leading to weak spots in the material.
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