"Silk is known for its lustrous texture that makes it comfortable to wear in both winter climates and warmer seasons."

Silk CDC

Silk CDC also known as Silk Crêpe de Chine, (French for “Crepe from China”), is a thin fabric in the crêpe family. Silk is known for its lustrous texture that makes it comfortable to wear in both winter climates and warmer seasons. It is lighter than silk crepe and less textured fabric made with S and Z highly twisted filament yarns alternating in the weft and with a normally twisted filament warp. The matte surface and pebbled texture of this graceful fabric reflect individual pinpoints of light, giving it a great texture and eye-appeal. This luxurious silk has the additional virtues of great durability and excellent wrinkle resistance.

Crêpe is one of the most durable silk weaves, which is great news for the life of your garment! Because the fabric is so versatile, you will most likely see it available in many different prints and colors. It makes lovely dresses, flowing skirts and pretty blouses. Lightweight with a pleasing drape, designers choose it among silk fabrics for elegant slacks, skirts, dresses, suits, and evening-wear. A good choice for those who do not want to iron, as it resists wrinkles.

Silk Charmeuse

Otherwise known as Crepe Back Silk Satin, Charmeuse has softly muted crepe on one side and the classic shiny shimmery Satin on the other. it is a silk fabric made with a particular way of weaving, allowing for extra luster and shine on the front side in exchange for a dull finish at the back. With it’s lightweight characteristics and floaty appearance, charmeuse drapes well and is used in many formal dresses. Charmeuse is woven with a satin weave, where the warp threads cross over three or more of the backing (weft) threads. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish—lustrous and reflective—whereas the back has a dull finish. It can be made of silk or a synthetic lookalike such as polyester. Silk charmeuse is more expensive and delicate but is softer and a better insulator. Polyester charmeuse is cheaper and can often withstand machine washing, but it does not breathe as well as silk. Charmeuse differs from plain satin in that charmeuse is softer and lighter in weight.

How to care for Silk...

We recommend dry cleaning your silk, but silk can also be hand washed in cold water. Use cold water and a small amount of liquid detergent. Lightly wash the garment for up to five minutes and rinse well.

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