Wholesale How-to

How to purchase the Best Cashmere from QUINN digitally?

Step 1:

Once you’ve signed up for the access, you will receive a Customer Account activation email.

Click on Activate your account

Step 2:

Please create a password for your account



Step 3:

Once you are done, click on Wholesale

Step 4:

You are able to click on any collection


Step 5:

Once you click on a style, you are able to put in the quantity that you want to order and also be able to view our color cards. Once you are done with the style, scroll down and click Add To Cart.

Step 6:

Color Cards

Step 7:

Once you are done with your order, please make sure you fill in the Start Date and Cancel Date.

Step 8:

And now you are done!

If you would like to buy for a 2nd delivery, please click on Continue Shopping and return to step 3/4.

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