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Quinn was the brain child of Jean Kolloff, CEO/President. Her idea was to bring her expansive knowledge of construction, production and quality to Quinn.
We stand for quality and so should you.
We deliver a product that upholds and sets an industry standard for the quality expected from a garment company.
We source our own raw materials in Inner Mongolia. Our first grade, sustainable cashmere is the highest quality there is. We run our own sourcing and production office in Shanghai and visit all the factories ourselves ensuring quality garments made in honest factories. Each item is crafted with environmental consciousness. 



Quinn believes in the power of telling the truth in an industry that is rather corrupt.  The includes explaining where we source our fabrics & yarns and teaching about the quality items that can come from China.
Also, we believe in using real models to show how well our clothes fit on every body, shape and size.
We interact closely with our customers to find out what they think, how they feel, and what they want.
The Truth Campaign was started in October 2017 and became an ongoing project for Quinn. This February we focused on couples and relationships.
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