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welcome to

the cashmere studio



Welcome to The Cashmere Studio, your gateway to mastering the art of knit and embracing the
timeless luxury of cashmere. Immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship reigns supreme
as we invite you to learn about exquisite knit techniques & the essential care required to
preserve the beauty of cashmere.

At The Cashmere Studio, we provide comprehensive guidance on proper cashmere care
ensuring your investments maintain their softness, warmth, and impeccable quality
for years to come. From gentle washing methods to expert tips on storage and maintenance,
you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to extend the life of your beloved cashmere pieces.

  • The origin of

    Cashmere Fibers

    Cashmere goats, scientifically known as Capra Hircus, are a breed native to InnerMongolia and have adapted to endure the severe cold of their winters. In order to with stand temperatures as low as -30°C, these goats develop a luxuriously soft and delicate undercoat beneath their longer and coarser outer hair.

    When spring arrives and temperatures start to rise, herders meticulously hand-comb the goats to gather the exquisite fibers that would otherwise naturally shed.The production of cashmere fibers from these goats is quite limited, with each goat yielding no more than 200g annually. This scarcity highlights the exclusive quality of cashmere, since it takes the hair of two to five goats to create an average sweater your brand’s unique selling points.

  • Beyond the


    Greater fiber length is advantageous as it reduces the likelihood of pilling, as shorter fibers tend to loosen more easily from the surface of the fabric. Cashmere fibers are remarkably fine, with an average diameter of less than 19 microns, in contrast to human hair which measures 60-120 microns in diameter.

    Despite their fine nature, cashmere fibers possess hollow structures, rendering them lightweight and adaptable to varying temperatures. During winter, these hollow fibers create air chambers that trap body heat, preventing its escape and providing insulation that is over eight times more effective than wool.

    In warmer seasons, cashmere exhibits hygroscopic properties, effectively drawing moisture away from the skin. This characteristic produces a cooling effect, ensuring comfort in diverse climates.

  • Specifications of

    finished luxe

    The term "ply" denotes the number of threads twisted together to form a single strand of cashmere yarn.

    When two threads are combined, it is referred to as 2-ply cashmere. Likewise, three threads result in 3-ply, and so on. The term "gauge" refers to how tightly the cashmere fabric is knitted, and it is determined by the number of stitches per inch. A higher gauge number indicates a finer and more delicately knitted piece.

    For example, a sweater with a 16-gauge is considered lightweight and showcases intricate knitting, while a 5-gauge piece appears visibly thicker and has a more pronounced texture.

Cashmere TLC:

Essential Care Tips

Here is Card Guide that shows you how you take care of your easy to wear versatile pieces. Next up let's talk about our diverse range of fabrics we use to design those buttery soft, elevated, and timeless essential you love!

  • Classic Elegance Embracing the beauty of:

    Plain Knit

    Light-weight 12 gauge items suitable for daily wear and versatile wardrobe essentials that can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the season.

    Mid-weight 7 gauge pieces designed to provide a thicker texture and increased warmth, offering a substantial feel and enhanced insulation.

    Heavy-weight 3 to 5 gauge items specifically crafted for optimal performance during the winter months, ensuring maximum protection against the cold with their substantial weight and thickness.

  • Delicate Elegance of:

    Fine Knit

    The lightest weight knit in the Quinn collection is a fine cashmere blend with a silk-like texture, crafted in a 16-gauge.

    Ensuring the highest quality fibers are chosen is essential to achieve both the graceful drape and functional characteristics of the fine knit cashmere garments.

  • Texture Elegance, Explore the allure of:


    Experience the versatility of our ribbed knits, available in three distinct gauges. Our light-weight 12 gauge pieces offer a season-less wearing experience, while the mid-weight 7 gauge pieces provide enhanced insulation for added warmth.

    For the cooler winter months, we recommend our heavy-weight 3 to 5 gauge pieces, ensuring optimal comfort and protection against the cold. Embrace the timeless appeal of ribbed knits with our carefully curated selection.

  • Timeless Elegance: Embracing the artistry of:

    Cable Knit

    Experience the unparalleled luxury of our cashmere cable knits, available in three exquisite gauges.

    Choose from our light-weight 12 gauge pieces, offering a delicate balance between comfort and versatility. Our mid-weight 7 gauge pieces provide a perfect blend of warmth and style. For those seeking ultimate coziness, our heavy-weight 5 gauge pieces deliver unparalleled insulation.

    The contrasting cable panels add a touch of opulence and create a rich texture, providing a comforting and reassuring feel when worn. Elevate your wardrobe with our exceptional cashmere cable knits, designed to indulge your senses.

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