Quinn aims to make clothing that is conscious of environmental and social factors to deliver a product that sets an industry standard for the quality expected from a garment company.  Our sweaters will last you for seasons to come... but you have to take care of them. Here's how.


It is bound to happen, but you can remove them.

We use 1st grade raw material cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia. There, the goats are bred to have the longest and finest hair. The longer the fiber the less pilling will occur. Our cashmere is our pride and we make sure to give you the best.

To remove pilling use our cashmere comb, that is shipped with each cashmere item purchased.

1) Lay the comb flat

2) Use gentle, short, quick brushstrokes to remove the pilling.



When the warmer months come it is time to put away your cashmere sweaters and move onto your baby French Terry t-shirts! Your sweaters can last the winter if stored correctly!

1) Never store your sweaters dirty

2) Always fold your sweaters, never hang. Hanging can cause them to grow overtime

3) Store cashmere in an air tight, sealable bag. This prevents moths from getting near the sweaters. We like The Laundress Storage Bags.

4) Add cedar blocks to the bag and to your closet. They also prevent moths and keep your closet smelling fresh!



Although many people say to dry clean cashmere... we advise you to be very careful when sending any item to the dry cleaner. Many dry cleaning companies use hard chemicals that break down the fibers causing them to tear and fray. If you do use a dry cleaner, make sure they are organic and use soft, natural washing techniques. 

We advise to hand wash your cashmere.

1) Use Luke warm water to wash.

2) Find an organic, not harsh hand wash for clothing. We advise to use the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from The Laundress.

3) Never wring out your cashmere! Only lay flat to dry.


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