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Our Beliefs

Our core values are customer centric. We have built our company nurturing long term relationships by providing exceptional customer experience.

Cashmere, Fur, Leather...but what about the animals?!


At Quinn, we love our furry friends. Our office is a pet-friendly environment and our CEO is a vegan. That is why we do not condone fur farming. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of the fur and leather used in our garments are by-products of the meat industry. We also incorporate vegan leather into our collections as an animal-friendly alternative to the leather look.



Our cashmere is cruelty-free. The farmers comb and shear the fine hairs from the goats' undercoats by hand. Cashmere is a renewable resource that helps the farmers earn a livelihood. The farmers we work with take care of their herds because the goats' precious hair is their source of income.