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Our History

Since 2003, Qi Cashmere has operated with the same mission: to source the best quality, sustainable cashmere on earth and create garments to be delivered directly to the consumer. We spent the last 14 years perfecting our business model, which we like to call farm to closet.

Quinn has been sourcing and producing 1st grade cashmere, at the highest quality possible, by working with cashmere goat breeders in Inner Mongolia to source the most long and luxurious hair imaginable to create quality garments that last over time. We love our goats and care about them because they make our business, and our clothes, as beautiful and soft as they are. This also means taking care of our goats before producing our incredible garments, there is no middle man.

In 2012 Qi Cashmere created QUINN to take the quality and processes the company perfected over the last 14 years to create a contemporary brand that fits the modern life of men and women. QUINN is a small, family run brand based in New York City.