Are Low Rise Jeans Finally Making a Comeback?

Low Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are back on the fashion scene. These sexy, below-the-belly button, jeans from the early 90s have reemerged. These types of denim hang on the waist and can show some off skin or even a bit of visible underwear or thong peeking out. Low-waisted jeans come in lots of different hybrid styles and are being spotted on the runway again after 20 years in hiding. There are so many new styles to choose from with much looser fits and cuts available. Low-rise jeans are so much more than just those skin-tight, booty huggers we remember from two decades ago.

Different styles of low-rise jeans change the way they look at you entirely. Low-rise pants that are overly baggy or have wide legs are one example. There are low-rise cargo pants, palazzo pants, even grunge style jeans with slouchy, wide legs. Flare-leg low-rise jeans are also trending right now. Another low-waisted option is the loose-fitting straight leg cut. Super skinny, boyfriend and bootcut are all versions of the low rise jeans trend. They can be paired with a variety of tops, jackets, shoes, and accessories to achieve stylish, versatile looks. 

Low-rise jeans have been maligned over the years, seen as a style that was only for pencil-thin young people with perfect model bodies. These low-waisted pants may not be a style that appeals to you however, you should consider the fact that these jeans can be styled in many ways. You don’t have to wear them with a crop top or revealing blouse. You can wear a longer shirt and tuck it in to show the lower waistband without revealing your midsection. You don’t have to show off your bare stomach and hips to try the low-waisted look. Wearing low-rise jeans can be easier to pull off than you think.

Don’t be intimidated by the low rise cut, think more about the way you style your whole look. The way your low-waisted jeans outfit is perceived all depends on the way you choose to wear them. You don't have to pair them with a tiny, revealing top. You could wear a bodysuit or a solid shirt that reaches your waist, then add a button-up or cardigan. Low-rise styles can be paired with more sophisticated tops and accessories to create a look that’s more elegant and cultivated. A nice, fitted suit jacket can dress up any outfit. 

Models and social media influencers are jumping onboard, rocking low-rise styles even though some women have labeled the look as being hyper-sexualized. No matter your opinion of the low-rise trend, they’re back again. Style them right and you can be chic and on-trend.  Almost every trend has a rise, decline, and return in the fashion world. Over the past few years, fashion designers were revisiting lots of 1970s styles, now they’ve gotten back around to the fads of the 90s. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the right pair of low-rise jeans for your wardrobe.