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Men's Clothing


Certain Men's Fashions Women Are Starting To Adopt


Certain Men's Fashions Women Are Starting To Adopt



The times of women being forbidden to wear anything but dresses are long gone. Everyone can wear what makes them feel good without gender barriers. Throughout history, many women have had to disguise their femininity by wearing men’s clothing in order to break through the bias and accomplish their goals. Women have found that there are certain pieces of men’s clothing that look fabulous and complement their style. Let’s talk about some of the most popular men’s styles that lots of women are adopting into their wardrobes. 


Blazers are a popular professional trend with women. They are great for showing that you mean business with an added flair and layering. A suit can give your look a bit of added look of success. Blazers can be paired with slacks, skirts, or jeans to give a pretty or casual outfit a little more effect. Women are also wearing three-piece men’s suits in style. They can be paired with the right shoes and jewelry to look elegant and professional.


As men have transitioned to a more casual style throughout the pandemic they’ve worn fewer traditional suits and ties. There are so many colors and designs out there. Many women seem to be picking up the necktie style as men are letting it go. They complete the daring, androgynous three-piece suit look. Ties can be part of a cool, casual look when paired with an oversized shirt and loose pants or shorts.

Boyfriend jeans

You will find this men’s inspired style of jeans in tons of women’s closets. They’re easy to wear anytime and comfortable. Throw on a cute top with some boyfriend jeans and you have a no-fuss outfit. They are a loose-fitting and low-waisted style. The legs of boyfriend jeans are usually a bit tapered. Boyfriend jeans have been a staple in fashion for over a decade and they are here to stay. 

Chunky loafers

Large, thick-heeled loafers are a shoe style that celebrities and fashionistas are rocking. This menswear classic shoe has become a women’s staple. These shoes bring on the 90s vibes. These shoes are usually sturdy and durable, made to last. Thick soled and platform loafers are among the top footwear trends in women’s fashion. Chunky loafers are a different option to try if you’re tired of running with the current trend, loafers are always in style.

We use our clothes to express individuality and even as a form of freedom and rebellion. Gender fluidity in our wardrobe is more common than ever. We can wear whatever looks and feels good without worrying about the gender association. This look is empowering and fashionable. Dressing in a masculine way is an avenue for women to take to protest against the societal norm. Women wearing masculine clothing are always fashionable and stylish. If you’re tired of wearing what's on-trend for women, browse the men’s department. You might walk out with a new favorite pair of jeans or a silk blazer.

By Colin Bachner

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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