Is Comfy Professional the New Hit Fashion Trend For Spring

Over the past year, we have faced stay-at-home orders, quarantines, and working from home. People haven't had as many opportunities to show off their look sitting behind a computer screen while working remotely. The clothes we wear have become less significant than the work we put forth online or over the phone. Comfortable yet professional clothing is becoming more popular. 

As people are gradually transitioning back to the workplace in person, they seem to be choosing more casual styles for work. There are even fashion collections available that are specifically designed for women that are working remotely. Women want pieces that offer convenience and boost their confidence. Comfy professional is a hybrid fashion concept for clothing that is flexible and stretchy yet still looks like you’re ready to take care of business.

Slacks are a workplace wardrobe staple. Instead of choosing rigid fabrics from the office wear section, find some that are similar with more stretch to the material. Make sure you will feel good sitting or standing in them all day. Choose a wider leg or looser fit to give your waist and legs some wiggle room. Tight pants might look good in the morning but you might regret wearing them by the end of an extended workday. There are stylish jogging pants made with sturdy, quality fabrics that look just as good as uncomfortable dress slacks if you style the outfit well. 

Skirts are another women's workplace favorite. They are typically made from unforgiving fabrics that could leave you feeling squeezed in a pencil skirt. Trade-in that stiff material for soft, knitted styles. Choose softer fabrics that have more elasticity. They still look well-made but offer a little more softness and stretch for comfort. Wrap skirts are another flattering style. They allow for more flexibility and movement while still looking top-notch.

Wearing high heels is elegant but can be tiring on your feet. Choosing shoes that are sensible and stylish will give your feet and legs a break. Strappy shoes can start to irritate your ankles after a while. Wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes is really not necessary. Try out some fashionable loafers or flats instead of stilettos. Flat shoes or those with lower platforms instead of spiky high heels are much more comfortable for long-term wear. 

Jumpsuits are cute and comfortable one-piece outfits. They come in many colors and styles. You can add a cardigan or blazer for layering. It's an easy solution to keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable throughout your workday.

You want your style to show that you are sincere about your job and give your co-workers the message that you should be taken seriously. You can dress to impress and still feel like you’re in your casual attire. Getting into your work outfit can help get you into work mode and help you be more productive. The key is to choose pieces that look professional while making you feel confident and at ease. Find the right new duds to modify your office wardrobe so you can look and feel like you are ready to take on anything.