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Skinny Jeans


Is the Skinny Jean Trend Exiting the Fashion World?


Is the Skinny Jean Trend Exiting the Fashion World?


Skinny jeans have their special purposes like being worn with oversized jackets or tall boots but they are on the decline in the fashion world. Some fashion influencers have donned them the new ‘mom jeans.’ The skinny jeans trend has been around for over ten years but it’s being ditched in favor of newer styles. People are trying different styles rather than just sticking with one. 

It’s no surprise after the past year that women are looking for different styles to try out. Things that are cute and comfortable are trending. Baggy pants and streetwear have become very popular. Lots of different cuts of jeans are becoming popular again, even the flare leg. We have been cooped up for so long, now we can finally get out and wear whatever we want. Fashionistas are looking for more variety in their jeans this season.

Mom jeans are back ladies. Pants that were seen as dated and ugly, that no one would consider to be fashionable are now everywhere. All of those vintage, lighter washes of denim and even tapered leg jeans are back on-trend. Super high-waisted, low-waisted, and even relaxed fit straight-leg jeans are all popular again right now. Let’s take a look at some of the latest styles that are pushing skinny jeans aside.

Bootcut jeans offer a sleek, feminine look. They pair well with heeled ankle boots and look sharp with almost any top. You will see tons of slim boot-cut jeans this season. 

Flared leg jeans have come back from the 70s. Some people might feel a little strange at first wearing the wider flared at the bottom jeans, but they are back on the scene.

Refurbished and Patchwork jeans are a hot new trend. Jeans with patches and occasional pieces of fabric added in are popular. Some fashion designers are repurposing used denim and scraps to create unique patchwork jeans.

High Waisted jeans are hot right now. Crop tops are being paired with flattering jeans that hold the tummy in and cinch at the waist.

Button Fly jeans are also back on-trend. Having multiple buttons up the front of the jeans instead of a zipper is a nice little change. High-waisted jeans with multiple buttons are popular.

Straight Leg jeans are a slim cut that feels a bit snugger in the thigh. They don’t taper at the bottom. They are a slim cut and the same size all the way down to the ankle. 

Boyfriend jeans are very similar to straight-leg jeans with a more relaxed fit and usually a lower rise waist.

Oversized and wide-leg jeans are back on-trend. Baggy pants with open, relaxed legs can give those calves a break from the tighter, skinny leg styles. Palazzo pants are even coming back.

Distressed jeans, those jeans with multiple rips and a vintage look of being worn are in style. Even distressed skinny jeans are on-trend. You could try some DIY techniques to distress your old skinny jeans before you shun them from the closet.
By Maciej Fita

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