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Fun Fall Layer Styles for the Busy Woman


Fun Fall Layer Styles for the Busy Woman


Fun Fall Layer Styles for the Busy Woman


Fall time Busy Women

The crisp, cool temperatures of Fall are here. Putting the right layers over a dress can make it look perfect and polished. It’s time to play with colors and break out those cool weather accessories like jackets, hats, and scarves. Layering certain things or adding too many accessories might not be the look you were trying for. Layering can even be a little confusing. Let’s talk about some fun layering styles for busy women to try this Fall.

Basic Staples

Use your staples and get creative. Find new ways to add some elegance to your Fall wardrobe. Choose light fabrics and fitted styles when you’re choosing your tops. You want your basic pieces to be cool enough to layer over comfortably. Dresses and shirts that taper at the waist give you shape so you can still show off your form. You don’t want to look like you’re hiding under your layers. Choosing solids and neutrals for your base layer allows more room for using patterns and prints in other layers. From tank tops to turtlenecks and button-down shirts, your basic tops can be any style, just go for lightweight materials. 

Cozy Layers

Adding a light, comfortable, and soft second layer is the next step. Cozy knit sweaters and cardigans make excellent layers. You could try a sleeveless sweater or vest over your top. A fun sweatshirt or hoodie can give you a more playful ensemble. Pairing a sleek cardigan with your print dress is an easy way to layer. Jean jackets are also a great option when you want to achieve a chic style. This leaves room for a pop of color with your base layer and adds dimension to your outfit.

Outer Shell

Outerwear staples are important. This is the shell that makes the final layer that will show when you’re outdoors. Make sure the layers beneath still work when you take off your outerwear. Your oversized trench coats, bomber jackets, moto jackets, and puffer coats all fall into the outer layer category. Make sure you are warm enough for the temperatures and weather outside. You may need to add a third layer beneath your coat to keep you comfortable. 

Find a Good Balance

You want your outfit to be well balanced and put together. You don't want to look like you just threw on anything warm you could find in the closet before you rushed out the door. Your layering should be clean and crisp. Your patterns and colors should go well together. Think about the length and size of each layer and how it will look when paired with the other pieces. Make sure you aren’t too hot, too cold, or weighed down with the fabrics in each layer.

Complete Your Look

Footwear can help you achieve a more elegant and chic look. The shoes or boots you choose can take your outfit to the top. A flashy pair of ankle boots paired with that neutral skirt or dress pants could be just what you need to give your outfit some flair. Higher boots are great for cooler days to keep your legs warm. Chunky loafers are huge this season and look great with your flowy dress pants. Check out some of the fun Fall layering pieces available at Quinn Apparel Inc. and revamp your look today. 
By Colin Bachner

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