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Fall Jacket


Women’s Fall Coats & Jackets - What’s Your Favorite Style?


Women’s Fall Coats & Jackets - What’s Your Favorite Style?


The chill of the changing season is in the air. Summer has come to an end and it’s time to look at women’s Fall coats and jackets again. Deciding which coat or jacket style is your favorite can be difficult. Finding versatile, trendy layering pieces is important as the weather gets cooler. There are tons of options to choose from. Let’s check out some chic jackets and coats that will have you feeling both fashionable and prepared for the fluctuating weather this season. 

Oversized Long Coat 

A long coat provides plenty of coverage. They come in tons of colors and patterns. Whether you want a neutral or something that’s patterned or textured, there is a long coat out there for you. You can choose an open look or one with a belt to tie or buttons. They can be puffy and plush or sleek and chic. Choosing a long coat with a few fringe accents can bring some fun and flair to your outer layer. Quilted and textured options make great statement pieces. 

Utility Jackets, Bomber Jackets, or Barn Coats

If you’re looking for a functional jacket with lots of pockets, the utility jacket is for you. Twill fabrics and neutral colors go with anything. The cut also provides great shape. Bomber jackets are comfortable and plush. They’re roomy enough for layering over bulkier pieces. Barn coats are looser and ideal for Fall temperatures. The plaid and corduroy lining and cuffs scream Fall fashion.

Wrap Coats and Oversized Trench Coats 

Oversized, flowy coats are super comfy. They provide plenty of coverage and keep you feeling cozy and all wrapped up. Patterned shawl coats with cute belts are on-trend.  belted, quilted jackets, Long, chunky sweater coats with fitted sleeves are another great layering option for Fall. A soft, lightweight fabric creates a draped feminine silhouette. 

Menswear Inspired Jackets 

A single-breasted overcoat can give you a stylish and professional look. They look great in deep grey colors. Wearing blazers and suit jackets as outer layers can give you a more modern look. These classic coats provide just enough warmth and give you a modern, polished style. 

Lightweight Puffer or Quilted Jackets

A lightweight jacket with a hood can be perfect for brisk Fall days. Quilted coats offer interesting textures and patterns to spice up your look. Different styles can bring a little attitude especially with the exaggerated collar styles you can find. A light-down jacket is a great choice for outdoor work or running a few errands on a breezy day. 

Trendy Outer Layers 

Having the right jacket will make you feel stylish and comfortable for all of your outdoor Fall adventures. Your outer layer should be trendy and keep you warm. Cozy fabrics and textures are a hit this season. Oversized styles are in and fit over any outfit. No matter what events you have to attend, having optimal layering pieces is essential. Check out the great designs available at Quinn Apparel Inc. and find the right Fall coat and jacket styles that work for you.
By Maciej Fita

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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