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Women's Fall Sweaters


Women’s Fall Clothing - Trends that are Happening Now


Women’s Fall Clothing - Trends that are Happening Now


Women's Sweaters

Throwback fashion is all the rage in women’s Fall clothing. Finding great looks that are stylish, yet don't make you feel silly while you’re wearing them is the key. Many of these dated trends are new to the younger generation, but some women have already lived through those decades. It may feel strange to repeat the exact same styles that you've already worn or experienced in the past. Let’s look into some of the popular trends happening now in women’s Fall clothing. 

Chunky Cardigans and Textured Sweaters 

Cozy sweaters make the transition from warm to cooler temperatures more comfortable. Oversized cardigans are great for coverage. Your trusty sweater or cardigan can be paired with jeans or layered over a long dress. Sweater vests also make a great layering piece. Crocheted and textured sweater styles are great Fall options and can be paired with fitted leggings or skinny jeans.

Button-Down Shirts

Fancy button-down shirts are hot this Fall. Shirts with ruffles and fancy frills are in style. Puffy sleeves and chambray shirts are an easy way to stay on-trend. A plain button-down shirt can be layered under a sweater vest. They can be paired with slacks, skirts, and jeans. A button-down under a blazer or cardigan always creates a cute look. 

Dress Pants and Loose Fitting Jeans 

Relaxed-fit jeans and flowy cuts are back on-trend. High-waisted pants and vintage styles and washes are back. Keep a fit trim at the waist but go for a more relaxed cut in the leg. Straight leg, bootcut, and wide-leg jeans are popular this Fall. Leather pants come in many different styles and can bring a little attitude to your closet. A fitted waist shows off your body shape while still staying on trend with the wider, looser leg cuts. 

Fringed Tops and Jackets

A buried trend is resurfacing for Fall: fringe. Fringed tops and jackets can be layered over any ensemble. A poncho or wrap with a little bit of fringe can make any outfit pop. A fringed top can put the finishing touches you need on a cute dress and keep you warm on chilly days. A fringed jacket can add a little flair to your look when paired with dark wash denim or a skirt.  

Dress Shoes and Loafers

Shoes are an easy way to breathe new life into your Fall wardrobe. The right shoes can complete your look. Loafers can help bring out the classic style you’re looking for. Chunky loafers with heavy soles are back on the fashion scene. There are loafers with heels that make a sturdy, all-weather alternative to traditional pumps or flats. A new pair of dress shoes or loafers can help keep your look on-trend as the seasons change. 

Comfortable and Stylish

Pick the right trends when you’re buying Fall clothing and you will feel like you’re stepping out in style, not stepping out of a time machine. There are lots of easy ways to spice up your Fall wardrobe and stay on-trend. Try a new pair of loafers and step out in style. Grab a wrap with fringe or a chunky cardigan to layer your look. There are so many hot Fall trends to explore, visit QUINN Apparel Inc. today and find some pieces to reinvigorate your style.
By Colin Bachner

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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