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women's closet


Women’s Essentials - What Every Woman Needs In Her Closet


Women’s Essentials - What Every Woman Needs In Her Closet


women's closet

There are several essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe. Let’s get back to the basics and figure out what you need to maintain a stylish look. Some quality pieces can last a lifetime. Having what you need will help you create complete, polished outfits without too much fuss. Let’s talk about some of the simple wardrobe basics every woman should have in her closet. You will never be left with nothing to wear when you have the essentials you need. 

Flattering Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress in her closet. When you want to look effortlessly gorgeous, a little black dress offers the versatility to go from a business meeting to a casual night out. Choose a quality, durable dress with a sensible hem length and neckline that can be worn from day to night. A well-made little black dress can serve you for years to come. 

Fitted Black Pants

Find a pair of black pants that fits you perfectly. Nice black pants are a good foundation piece to start building an outfit on. They can be dressed up with some dazzling shoes and accessories. Black pants can be paired with almost any top or sweater and you’re ready to walk out the door. 

Knit Top

A comfortable knit top should be a mainstay in your wardrobe. A cashmere cardigan is a comfortable sweater that works with anything. They can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or a cute skirt. You can get knit tops in many colors if you find a favorite style. 

White T-Shirt

A clean, crisp white t-shirt is essential for every woman’s closet. When you want an effortlessly fresh look, a simple white t-shirt is the answer. This is a versatile piece that can be worn year-round. 

Medium Length Skirt

A perfectly fitted skirt with a modest hem length is a basic necessity for every woman’s closet. It can be worn to work or in a casual setting. A medium-length skirt is also appropriate for more formal occasions like weddings, graduations, or funeral services. 


Every woman needs a go-to jacket for cold, windy days. You want to have a warm layer that fits well and feels good. Choose a neutral tone or a jean jacket that can be worn year after year. 

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark denim is always in style. Dark wash jeans are great for creating casual and dressy looks. Dark rinse jeans are flattering and look good on all body types. They’re a versatile choice for any season. 

Black Heels or Dressy Shoes

Every woman needs the right pair of shoes to complete her look. When you want to look elegant or professional, dressy shoes or pumps can give your outfit the polish it needs. The right shoe option can serve you well from the office to happy hour.  

Leisure Wrap or Maxi Dress

Having a feel-good, casual dress in your wardrobe is important. A beautiful, flowy dress that you are comfortable in is essential. You need something for casual days when you want to look good and be comfortable. 

These are all essential items for every woman’s closet. Having the basics you need to create a look for any occasion is important. Keep your time spent deciding what to wear to a minimum by sticking with the essentials. If you keep these pieces in your wardrobe, you will have everything you need to create gorgeous, classy outfits every day without all the fuss. Stock up on the basic pieces you need today at QUINN.
By Colin Bachner

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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