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Is the Cashmere Market Booming Right Now?


Is the Cashmere Market Booming Right Now?


The cashmere market around the world is on the rise. It is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. The cashmere market has shown steady, consistent growth and isn’t stopping anytime soon. There are several key players in the cashmere production industry. Several different factors affect the quality or grade of the cashmere itself. A lot of labor and effort goes into raising cashmere goats and producing pure cashmere, it can be an immense undertaking. 

Making Cashmere is a Process

Pure cashmere comes from the skin of goats. These soft, fine fibers are protected by the roots of the goat’s coarse outer coat. The goats naturally shed these fibers as the seasons get warmer. The cashmere fibers are usually carefully separated by hand. It can take the cashmere from two or more goats to produce one piece of cashmere clothing. The unique texture and softness of pure cashmere cannot be imitated or reproduced synthetically. The quality and superior comfort of this material is unmatched. 

Consumer Demand for Cashmere Leisure Wear is High

The cashmere market is booming right now as a result of the luxury athletic wear trend that hit the fashion scene. Leisure suits made from comfortable cashmere have been selling like crazy. The demand for pure luxury cashmere has shown growth in Europe as well. There are several different grades of cashmere with pure cashmere being the most desirable of course. Prices fluctuate depending on demand. As shoppers reach for luxury cashmere, prices curve upward. Producers and retailers benefit from this upward trend that has given cashmere sales a huge boost. Cashmere hoodies and leisure suits have been flying off the shelves, driving pure cashmere sales through the roof. Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for the finest pure cashmere.

Cashmere Goats Are Losing Their Habitats 

Unfortunately, there are only certain places in the world that raise cashmere goats in their natural habitats. The places these goats can live are becoming scarce as climate change worsens. As global warming threatens the natural grasslands of Mongolia and China that these special goats call home, top-grade cashmere is becoming more difficult to acquire. With fewer cashmere goats being raised there will be fewer opportunities to harvest these precious fibers as they shed their winter coats. Higher demand for cashmere paired with impaired ability to produce the raw material needed to produce the clothing drives cashmere prices higher and higher.

Quality Raw Cashmere is Difficult to Find

Goats that are stressed don't produce quality cashmere. Herders continue to increase their herd count as the grasslands they graze on continue to become a desert. This results in lower overall health of the goat population. The goats produce lower-grade cashmere when they are weaker. Years of inadequate nutrients and searching for adequate pastures have taken their toll on these goats. They are producing less cashmere of lower quality than their ancestors did twenty years ago. This just reestablishes the luxury status of cashmere clothing. 

Cashmere is a fine, special material. It is one of the softest materials you can choose. The market is hot right now for cashmere as the demand for luxury clothing grows and the availability of cashmere material dwindles. It’s a good time to pick up a nice, quality cashmere piece for your wardrobe. Check out the fine selection of cashmere available at QUINN Apparel Inc.

By Colin Bachner

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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