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Reemergence Fashion


How 2021 is the Year of Reemergence Fashion - What Is It?


How 2021 is the Year of Reemergence Fashion - What Is It?



Reemergence fashions are taking 2021 by storm. Looks that were once thought to be fads or retired styles or trends have been coming back onto the fashion scene. We have all been shut up indoors and fashion has been hampered for far too long. It’s finally time to get out there and shine. Styles that haven't been popular or on trend since they first dwindled in popularity are reappearing on runways all over the world. Let’s talk about reemergence fashion, explore what it is, and why it's become so popular in 2021. 

Reemergence Fashion

Last year was all about being comfortable and finding outfits that were appropriate for working at home. Reemergence fashion is full of flashy looks for going out and having fun. People are feeling expressive and creative this season. Everyone is excited to be out and about, to have an opportunity to show off their style. The loungewear and comfy clothing can finally go back on the shelf and be replaced by fun items with a little more flair. Fashionistas everywhere are excited to have the opportunity to hit the streets with hot new outfits. Bright prints and form fitting styles are back. 

Pieces that were popular during the 1960s, 70s and 90s are rapidly returning to the fashion scene. Bright colored and patterned little mini dresses and even psychedelic maxi dresses are on trend. Baggy trousers and 90s jeans are back. Sequined mini skirts are a good way to make a fun statement. Refresh your wardrobe with some of these fun trends and reemerge in style for 2021. 

Oversized Blazers

An oversized blazer can put the finishing touch on a cute, casual outfit. A blazer pairs well with a tucked in tee, jeans, and boots. If you pair the blazer with oversized trousers, add a belt for more definition and structure. You can wear an oversized button down with a sweater vest under a crisp blazer for a cute, comfortable look. Wearing all black under your blazer helps create a streamlined style. 

Sparkly Statement Pieces

Sequined bags and flashy skirts make great statement pieces. You can incorporate sparkles into your wardrobe year round. Fitting one sparkly element into an outfit as a centerpiece gives it the pop it needs. A metallic necklace or bracelet can bring a neutral look to life. 

Playful Jewelry and Accessories

Large, flashy rings, bracelets, and necklaces are all hot for 2021. Bright colors and eye catching pieces that make you feel playful are all the rage. Think of those large plastic rings from the quarter vending machines. Things that give you a happy vibe are great accessories this year. 

Slouchy Pants and Patchwork Jeans

Oversized pants and 90s jeans styles are back. Women are donning baggy pants with belts and wide leg jeans this year. With a sleek top and elegant heels, slouchy pants can be styled to perfection. Patchwork jeans are fun and different, adding some color and creativity to your basic jeans. 

The days of stay at home style have finally come to an end as people are getting back to work and their everyday routines. Style watchers are getting their closets ready to prepare for this exciting reemergence of fashion. Creative, expressive looks are taking center stage for 2021 and it has become a year of reemergence fashion. It is a way of balancing comfort and style as we start to dress up and step out again.

By Colin Bachner

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“Use this section to add reviews or testimonials from your store’s happy customers”

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