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Is Workleisure the New Trend in Clothing Fashion?


Is Workleisure the New Trend in Clothing Fashion?


Is Workleisure the New Trend in Clothing Fashion?



The new trend in fashion is workleisure clothing styles. After many of us were isolated or working from home for months, we’re used to dressing comfortably. Loungewear became the new norm and formal dress clothes were pushed aside. Returning to the office can be a breeze with workleisure trends. This style is a midpoint between casual athletic wear and office attire. You can find ways to style leisure clothing into the professional dress code without sacrificing comfort for fashion. 

Polished Pants

You can still have beautiful pants with elastic waistbands. Pants don't have to be tight to look good. Stylish clothes don't have to be uncomfortable. Straight leg, wide leg, and fitted dress pants are now being made with a little bit of stretch. You can have the classic, polished look you want without coarse material or buttons complicating things. High waist pencil pants have also become a popular, trendy choice when creating workleisure outfits. High-rise pants are always flattering but paired with a wide-cut leg and soft fabric you won’t mind spending all day in them.

Jumpsuits and Skirt Sets

One-piece jumpsuits and bodysuits are simple and fashionable. Wearing a cross-front bodysuit in a bold beautiful color with a belted waist to accent your figure makes a quick, effortless ensemble. Pair a top or fitted blazer with a matching skirt or pants. Florals and plaid patterns are on-trend right now. A striped bodysuit is slimming and makes a simple base layer. They're made with breathable fabric and stay perfectly in place. 

Boyfriend Shirts and Button Downs

Collared, button-down shirts are a relaxed choice yet still look professional enough for the office. If you’re on the move try a stretchy, wrinkle-resistant boyfriend style shirt. it‘s a simple and breezy workleisure piece that is great alone or layered with a sweater vest or cardigan. Pair them with trousers or a fitted khaki pant and chunky dress shoes for a trim, stylish look. Uncertain times make dressing for the job you want a little more complicated. 

Finding a Balance

This season fashionistas are trying to find the happy medium between luxury athletic wear and professional business formal attire. People want flexibility and options. We want to be comfortable yet look presentable. New style hybrids are emerging, casualizing traditional formal designs a bit. Fabrics with extra elasticity and softer knits are becoming more popular. 

Functional and Flexible 

Workleisure styles are elevated clothing options that are suitable for work or lounging around the house. Adapting a hybrid look brings sweat-wicking, wrinkle-resistant pieces to the world of workwear. These styles are versatile and appropriate enough for any meeting or event, yet keep you feeling confident and as comfortable as possible all day long. Workleisure outfits should have a fluid sense of normal and functionality. They should combine professional and casual styles effortlessly. 

Workleisure is On Trend

Fashionistas are gradually returning to the office. Mixing polished looks with comfort is the new style. Shoppers are choosing dress pants with relaxed waistbands and suits made with more breathable fabrics. Casual dress shirts in neutral colors are comfortable and always appropriate for the office. If you need to update your work wardrobe and find pieces that are comfortable and chic, try Quinn Apparel Inc. They have a great selection of quality workleisure attire.
By Colin Bachner

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