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College Fashion


What are the College Fashions for this Fall Going to Be?


What are the College Fashions for this Fall Going to Be?


College Fashion

Fall is in the air and it’s time to think about what you should be wearing to class this season. Fall brings cooler weather and tons of fashion trends. There are lots of seasonal colors to play with and styles you’ve probably been ready to try since before school started. If you’re wondering what items you should add to your wardrobe, Quinn Apparel Inc. has tons of styles you will need. Let’s look at what college fashions for this Fall are going to be like this year.

Oversized Sweatshirts

Big zip-up hoodies are a college staple. Everyone needs a good, oversized sweatshirt for Fall. They keep you cozy and are an easy layer for any outfit. Oversized hoodies are trending on campus. If you are playing with colors, sweatshirts are available in so many hues. Classic grey and other neutral shades are popular and versatile choices.

High Waisted and Flared Pants

The flattering high-waisted pants style is taking fashion by storm. High-waisted pants paired with crop tops are everywhere. Flared pants are overshadowing the skinny jeans look. Flared jeans are officially back in style. High-waisted, stretchy pants with a flared leg cut make a fun addition to your Fall collection. These pants are basic and trendy.

Strappy Heeled Sandals and Chunky Shoes

If you have a fancy event you’re dressing up for, you need classy shoes to wear. Great shoes complete any look. There has been an uptrend with women’s thongs with heels in dress shoe styles. Dress sandals go perfectly with fancier dresses and suits, they’re on trend this Fall. Chunky dress shoes are also hot on the fashion scene. They look great in almost any style. 

High Necks and Cropped Cardigans

High neck and turtleneck shirts make great Fall tops. They’re cozy and trendy. Cropped turtlenecks go well with high-waisted pants or skirts. Ribbed tops come in tons of colors and add texture and depth to any outfit. Cute cropped sweaters are hot this season. A cropped sweater that’s perfectly oversized will look great with your high-waisted jeans for everyday wear. 

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are the new go-to. Boyfriend jeans are on trend this Fall. Relaxed fit, distressed jeans styles in every wash are the new fashion for girls. The cute wide-leg styles are more popular than ever. Baggy jeans that are fitted at the waist will be all over campus this Fall. 

Poofy Sleeves 

Fancy, large sleeves are hot this season. Girls are wearing tops with princess-style fluff. The brighter and poufier the better. Long sleeves give a sense of elegance. Draped, intricate sleeve styles are everywhere this Fall. Head to class with some flair with elegant, draped sleeves on your top.

Puffer Vest and Jacket

Stay warm and stylish at the same time. An oversized vest or puffer jacket is a fashionable and functional layering piece. Puffer vests add depth and texture to your look. Finding the perfect outer shell to complete your outfit can be challenging. A lightweight puffer jacket is an easy choice.

Create Your Fall Look

Invent eye-catching Fall outfits that look great using a few new staples from Quinn Apparel Inc. They have an amazing collection of comfortable, functional apparel to help you update your wardrobe. Don't go another day wearing a drab, itchy sweater. Browse chic, fashionable clothing this season and stay on-trend with top-quality cashmere from quinnshop.com. Try some of these popular Fall college fashions now.
By Colin Bachner

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